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I just upgraded my firmware and now my logger doesn't work.

I just upgraded my firmware, now my logger won’t work. Many of the firmware upgrades available for MadgeTech data loggers are only compatible with newer versions of the MadgeTech software....

Tags: firmware software


Data Logger Firmware Upgrades

Does MadgeTech offer data looger firmware upgrades? Yes, MadgeTech offers free data logger firmware upgrades for the life of the product. Data loggers do not need to be returned to the factory f...

Tags: firmware


Installing a Firmware Upgrade

How do I install a data logger firmware upgrade? In order to run the firmware upgrade for a MadgeTech data logger you will need to be sure the data logger has a good battery, and that you have...

Tags: firmware


TC101A/ETR101A not communicating after the firmware upgrade

I have a TC101A/ETR101A data logger and I just did the trigger setting firmware upgrade but now I cannot communicate with my data logger. If you just performed the ETR101A or TC101A firmware upg...

Tags: etr101a firmware tc101a temperature


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