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Error: Plugged IFC200 in Before Installing Drivers

I have inadvertently plugged in my IFC200 before installing the USB interface drivers, and cant get the software to find the cable. What can I do to fix this? It is always best to make sure that...

Tags: drivers ifc200 software


Installing the IFC200 Interface Cable

How Do I install the IFC200? The IFC200 installation can be completed with just a few easy steps. Insert the software cd into the CDROM drive. If the auto run doesn't appear, locate the drive on...

Tags: drivers ifc200


The USB Driver Installer Won’t Run

The USB Driver Installer Won’t Run The following applies to the IFC200, IFC202, IFC300, IFC400, and RFC1000. Typically the correct method of installing the USB drivers is to run the USB...

Tags: drivers ifc200 ifc202 ifc300 ifc400 interface cables rfc1000


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