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I can’t find my saved datasets, even though I can see them in the MadgeTech software

MadgeTech 2: If you have Windows 7 or Windows Vista, your user account control settings may prevent you from saving files in certain locations. For example, you may be restricted from saving files w...

Tags: dataset software


33795 Error

I am receiving the error message: Invalid Start Date (33795). How do I fix this? This is usually due to using old software to communicate with a data logger launched by newer software. This can...

Tags: error software


The software says “Unable to find active device” with my new loggers, but my old loggers still work.

Many of MadgeTech's newer loggers require newer versions of the MadgeTech software. Please update to the latest version of the software, as this should fix the issue. You can always find the latest...

Tags: software


Celsius to Fahrenheit - Change Unit Preferences

In MadgeTech 4, there are a few different ways to change Unit Preferences. One method is to change units on a single report. With a graph report open, hover the mouse cursor over the vertical axis dis...

Tags: celsius change temperature fahrenheit


Programming a Data Logger for a Delay Start or Manual Start

When starting a data logger, there may be up to three Start Methods available: Start Now, Delay Start, and Manual Start. These options will appear on the Start Device screen. Start Now will prog...

Tags: delay start manual start readings stop timed stop


Install the MadgeTech Software

To install the latest Software version: 1. Go to 2. Scroll down the page to the MadgeTech Standard Software listing. 3. Click on MadgeTech Standard. 4. When pr...

Tags: software


If the power goes out and my PC turns off, will the RFOT or ThermAlert still record?

Yes, if the PC turns off or if there is a power outage, the data logger will continue to record. Upon re-establishing communication with the Software, the recordings will typically backfill. If...

Tags: recovering data rfot thermalert wireless


How do I check to see if I am using the latest software and drivers?

MadgeTech 4: Go to File > Options > About MadgeTech 2: In the MadgeTech data logger software (versions 2.03.6 and above), go to Help > About. The driver version in the bottom right hand corner...



Real-time Chart Recording

MadgeTech loggers are typically used for standalone logging, where the logger is started in the software, disconnected to record, and later reconnected to stop the device and download the data. In...

Tags: real time chart recording software


Real-time Dataset Closed and Disappeared

MadgeTech 4: When logging in real-time, data uploads to the Datasets folder automatically. After starting a logger, a real-time graph opens by default. To open a closed real-time graph, go to the Data...

Tags: closed dataset dataset disappeared graph closed


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