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MadgeTech 4 will not open - DbProviderFactories error

This article is intended to address an issue where the software will not open, or crashes when opening. An error may or may not be presented showing that The application has encountered a problem and...

Tags: .net framework crash dbproviderfactories freeze madgetech 4 mt4 software won't open


How do I set up alarms for my wireless data logger?

Please use the following instructions to set up wireless alarms in the MadgeTech 2 graphing software. In addition to these instructions, MadgeTech has also hosted a video on which walks...

Tags: alarms aol rfot therm therm-a-lert thermalert wireless


How do I Change the Thermocouple Type in the Software?

MadgeTech 4: Locate the device in Connected devices. Highlight the device and select Properties > General. Select the Thermocouple type from the drop-down box. Apply the changes. OK to close...

Tags: probes software


Can the MadgeTech software be installed on a USB stick?

Is it possible to install the MadgeTech data logger software on a USB stick? Like most software, installing the MadgeTech data logger software on a USB stick isn't really feasible, as it makes u...

Tags: software


How do I change the unit type in my trigger settings?

MadgeTech 2: The unit type used in your trigger settings is based on your preferred units for that unit type. For example for the unit type Thermocouple Voltage, the preferred units are by defaul...

Tags: software trigger settings


I am getting error 33024. What does this error mean and how do I fix it?

Error 33024 is a general communications error that almost always is due to a low battery. What happens is that the battery is not completely dead, so the logger gets enough backpowering from the IFC...

Tags: error software


Wind101A – Wind Units Set-Up and Troubleshooting

The Wind101A comes programmed with an engineering unit to provide the average wind speed using a 10 second reading rate. If a different reading rate is desired, a different engineering unit must...

Tags: wind101a


How do I change the graph units?

MadgeTech 2:  MadgeTech has released a video that guides users through changing the graph units. View Video

Tags: software


How do I setup a screen or e-mail alarm for the RFOT and ThermAlert systems?

MadgeTech 2: Please watch the video that guides users through setting up both screen and e-mail alarms, as well as importing the alarms at a later time. Wireless Alarms Video

Tags: alarming rfot software thermalert wireless


Why can’t I set AM/PM in my Delay Start time?

The clock in the data logger is dependent entirely on your PC's system clock. It is set by reading your system clock when you start the data logger. If you have your Date and Time properties set to a...

Tags: delay start software


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