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Print Icon Not Showing in Data Logger Software

I cannot print a standard graph from the MadgeTech data logger software. When I go to print, it goes to a print preview, and there is no icon for print. How do I fix this? If the print icon...

Tags: printing software


Sending Alarm E-mail Through SMTP

I want to use the Alarm feature in the MadgeTech data logger software and enable it to dial into a server and send emails. How can I send email through my own SMTP server (mail server)? Where do I ent...

Tags: alarm software


Can MadgeTech Software Run on a MAC? Is the software MAC compatible?

Can the MadgeTech data logger software be used on a Mac OS? Is the software MAC compatible? The MadgeTech data logger software is designed to run on Microsoft Windows based operating system...

Tags: mac software


An Error Occurred While Opening the Configuration File

When I close the MadgeTech data logger software, I receive an error message that says, "An error occurred while opening the configuration file." This message appears usually followed by a few...

Tags: error software


Trigger Settings

How do I setup trigger settings in both Window and Two-Point modes? MadgeTech has released a new video that guides viewers through setting up and applying trigger settings on the PRTrans1000 and...

Tags: prtrans1000 prtrans1000is software trigger settings


Trigger Settings & Cumulative Alarm Delay Instructions

Data Logger Trigger Settings & Cumulative Alarm Delay Instructions MadgeTech has incorporated the following features into the ETR101A and TC101A data loggers: • Trigger Settings: Applying t...

Tags: alarm etr101a tc101a trigger settings


Installing the MadgeTech Software from a CD

How do I Install the MadgeTech Data Logger Software from the CD? Insert the Software CD in the CD Drive. If the autorun does not appear, locate the drive on the computer and double click Au...

Tags: software


How do I Change the Thermocouple Type in the Software?

How do I Change the Thermocouple Type in the Software? Changing the Thermocouple type only takes a few steps: •  Select the Device Menu, then Identify Device and Read Status. • &...

Tags: probes software


What are the differences of the software packages that you offer? Which ones are 21 CFR Compliant?

What are the differences between the data logger software packages? Which are 21 CFR Compliant? MadgeTech offers serval data logger software types including: SVP-Standard: This is jus...

Tags: software


If the power goes out and my PC turns off, will the RFOT or ThermAlert still record?

If the PC switches OFF, will a ThermAlert or RFOT data logger still continue recording? How can I get the data from the period when the PC was OFF? Yes, if your PC turns off or their i...

Tags: recovering data rfot thermalert wireless


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