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I have inadvertently plugged in my IFC200 before installing the USB interface drivers, and cant get the software to find the cable. What can I do to fix this?

It is always best to make sure that the USB interface drivers are installed prior to physically connecting the USB cable to the PC. If the cable was inserted out of sequence, uninstall the IFC200 by completing the following steps:
• While the IFC200 (USB Interface) is plugged in, go to the Windows Control Panel, click on System, click the Hardware tab, and then select Device Manager
• An unidentified device with a yellow question mark should be located under Universal Serial Bus Controllers. Go to the device with a yellow question mark, right click, and choose Uninstall
• Unplug the IFC200
• Complete the installation according to the IFC200 Quick Start Guide
*Note: If you have already installed the device drivers, you do not need to install them again