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Laptop COM Port Error

I am using a laptop and the MadgeTech software cannot open the COM port because of a Port in use error. The Windows device manager reports that the COM port is working, and I cannot detect another pro...

Tags: com port laptop port in use error


Using an IFC200 at Long Distances

I have an IFC200 and a data logger I would like to connect to a PC at 50 meters (160') away. What is the greatest distance the IFC200 can be used? What is the longest distance the IFC110 can be used?...

Tags: ifc110 ifc200


Error: Plugged IFC200 in Before Installing Drivers

I have inadvertently plugged in my IFC200 before installing the USB interface drivers, and cant get the software to find the cable. What can I do to fix this? It is always best to make sure that...

Tags: drivers ifc200 software


IFC110 not Communicating with Software

I have recently purchased a data logger and am having issues communicating with it from my computer via the RS232 PC interface cable (IFC110). If your IFC110 isn't working, make sure you know wh...

Tags: communicating ifc110 ifc110 not working ifc110 troubleshooting interface cable no communication rs232


Checking for and updating USB Driver Installation Files

How do I Check for and Update the USB Driver Installation Files? To Update the USB Driver Installation Files: 1. Go to   2. Scroll down the p...

Tags: ifc200 ifc300 ifc400


How long can I make the cable on the IFC200/IFC110?

How long can I make the cable on the IFC200/IFC110? To ensure accurate communication, it is not recommended that the 3.5mm pin cable be lengthened. On the IFC200, the USB cable may be replaced w...

Tags: ifc110 ifc200


How long can I make the USB cable on the RFC1000/IFC300/IFC400?

How long can I make the USB cable on the RFC1000/IFC300/IFC400? These MadgeTech interface devices have been tested and guaranteed with the supplied five foot USB cables. They may be replaced lon...

Tags: ifc300 ifc400 rfc1000


The "PreInstaller.exe" USB Driver Installer Won't Run - How to install drivers manually

The following applies to the IFC200, IFC202, IFC300, IFC400, and RFC1000. The standard method of installing the USB drivers is to run the "PreInstaller.exe" USB driver installation utility before plu...

Tags: driver drivers ifc ifc200 ifc202 ifc300 ifc400 interface cables manual install preinstaller preinstaller.exe rfc1000 usb


IFC200/IFC202/IFC300/IFC400 Troubleshooting

I'm having trouble with my Interface cable (IFC200, IFC202, IFC300, IFC400). MadgeTech 4: Please follow the steps below to install the USB drivers: Your interface cable (for example, IFC200, IF...

Tags: ifc200 ifc202 ifc300 interface cable troubleshooting interface faqs


Which interface cable do I need?

To choose the correct interface cable, please refer to the Interface Cable compatibility chart.

Tags: ifc200 ifc202 ifc300 ifc400 interface cables rfc1000


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