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Wind101A – Wind Units Set-Up and Troubleshooting

The Wind101A comes programmed with an engineering unit to provide the average wind speed using a 10 second reading rate. If a different reading rate is desired, a different engineering unit must...

Tags: wind101a


Programming a Data Logger for a Delay Start or Manual Start

When starting a data logger, there may be up to three Start Methods available: Start Now, Delay Start, and Manual Start. These options will appear on the Start Device screen. Start Now will prog...

Tags: delay start manual start readings stop timed stop


How Do I Connect a Data Logger to the Software?

MadgeTech 4: Open the MadgeTech Software. Connect the data logger to the interface connection cable or insert into the docking station. Find the data logger in the Connected Devices panel. Mad...

Tags: connect a data logger getting started


Channel changes on RFC1000, RFOT, Therm-A-lert loggers

There are dip switches on the RFC1000s, RFOTs, and all models of Therm-A-lerts. There are four switches together labeled 1, 2, 3, and 4. These dip switches are what you use to configure the wireless c...

Tags: rfc1000 rfot thermalert wireless


Why Should I Calibrate My Data Logger?

All physical sensors become less accurate due to the environment, usage, stress, and even time. The degree to which these changes occur varies from device to device. For example, a voltage data logg...

Tags: calibration


If the Data Logger Battery Fails will Data be Lost?

If the data logger battery fails while logging data, will the data be lost if it has not been offloaded? If the battery fails while logging, the data is still retrievable and can be recovered. R...

Tags: battery failure data lost dead battery recovering data


What is the difference between a Shock101, TSR101, and SVR101?

The Shock101 data logger samples at 512hz and then records the peak values it experienced to your selected reading rate. Example: At a 1 second reading rate, the largest impact the Shock101 experience...

Tags: data loggers shock101 shock101-eb svr101 svr101-eb tsr101 tsr101-eb


What are the different types of Thermocouple connectors?

There are three types of Thermocouple connector types: Mini Plug, Screw Terminal, and Terminal Block. Many of our thermocouple data loggers have different models available for each type of thermocou...

Tags: tc101a thermocouples


What is the Operating Environment vs. the Measurement Range?

The temperature range of an external sensor, such as a probe, RTD or Thermocouple, can often exceed the operating range of a data logger. A probe, RTD, or Thermocouple may for example have a range o...



No devices are connected. Why are my devices not appearing?

The software displays "No devices are connected. Why are my devices not appearing?" - MadgeTech 4 The software displays "Unable to find an active device!" - MadgeTech 2 This generic error oc...

Tags: no-devices-are-connected unable-to-connect unable-to-find-device


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