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Therm-A-lert Series Data Loggers

What are Therm-A-lert Series Data Loggers? MadgeTech's Therm-A-lert series data loggers are a revolutionary line of wireless data loggers for measuring and recording temperature and humidity. Th...

Tags: therm•a•lert


How do I change the battery in my data logger?

Most MadgeTech data loggers have user replaceable batteries. To find the battery change procedure for your data logger, please visit the product page for the specific logger, and click on the litera...

Tags: batteries


If I submerge an IS data logger will it void the rating?

If I submerse my PRTemp1000IS or PRTrans1000IS data logger in liquid, does that void the IS or intrinsically safe rating permanently? No. If you do run a test in a liquid, the logger is not rate...

Tags: pressure prtemp1000is prtrans1000is


What is the voltage of the 3B5700 battery?

The voltage for the 3B5700 battery is 3.9V.

Tags: batteries


What is the Marking Feature?

Marking is a feature that is available on the TransiTempII, TransiTempII-RH and the Cryo-Temp data loggers. When the magnetic wand is passed over the start mark while the data logger is recording, i...

Tags: cryo-temp humidity temperature transitempii transitempii-rh


What Types of Calibration Services Does MadgeTech Offer?

The MadgeTech calibration laboratory offers a variety of standard and customized data logger calibration services. The scope of calibration services include temperature, humidity, pressure, voltage, c...

Tags: calibration


Data Logger Firmware Upgrades

MadgeTech offers free firmware upgrades for the life of the product. Data loggers do not need to be returned to the factory for the upgrade. Visit our firmware upgrade page for available downloads....

Tags: firmware


Wind101A – Wind Units Set-Up and Troubleshooting

The Wind101A comes programmed with an engineering unit to provide the average wind speed using a 10 second reading rate. If a different reading rate is desired, a different engineering unit must...

Tags: wind101a


Programming a Data Logger for a Delay Start or Manual Start

When starting a data logger, there may be up to three Start Methods available: Start Now, Delay Start, and Manual Start. These options will appear on the Start Device screen. Start Now will prog...

Tags: delay start manual start readings stop timed stop


How Do I Connect a Data Logger to the Software?

MadgeTech 4: Open the MadgeTech Software. Connect the data logger to the interface connection cable or insert into the docking station. Find the data logger in the Connected Devices panel. Mad...

Tags: connect a data logger getting started


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