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What is a Calibration Certificate?

What is a Data Logger Calibration Certificate? The calibration certificates are generated at the end of the manufacturing process. Each certificate indicates the date and conditions of calibrati...

Tags: calibration


What is As Found Data?

What is As Found Data? As Found data is an optional service. This service is performed for used data loggers that are being returned for calibration. MadgeTech will run the data logger in the co...

Tags: rma


Creating an RMA

How Do I Create an RMA? To send a data logger back in to MadgeTech for recalibration, repair, evaluation, or return, we ask that our customers go to the MadgeTech website and create an RMA. To s...

Tags: rma


When sending in an RMA, which shipping address should be used?

When sending in an RMA, which shipping address should be used? When shipping via courier service, please use this address: MadgeTech, Inc 6 Warner RoadWarner, NH 03278(603) 456-2011 If shippi...

Tags: data logger rma


Can I use a Thermocouple Simulator to calibrate my thermocouple based data logger?

Can I use a Thermocouple Simulator to calibrate my thermocouple based data logger? Thermocouple calibrators do not work reliably with most MadgeTech thermocouple loggers. The data logger will c...

Tags: calibration simulator thermocouple


The clock on my 2000 Series data logger is reading the incorrect time. How do I change it to the correct time?

The clock on the OctTemp2000 is set by the computers clock when you Start the device in the software. Simply programming the logger by using the Start Device function in the Device menu should set t...



I need a data logger and would like to connect to a PC at 50 meters using an RS485/232 converter/modem, how can I do this?

MadgeTech does not sell an RS485/232 converter/modem, but these may be available from third parties, such as Black Box® ( or B&B Electronics ( Madge...



The MadgeTech software cannot open my COM port because of a Port in use error. What is wrong?

The MadgeTech software should not report the Port in use error unless the port is in use by Windows or another process. (It will sometimes also report the Invalid port error if the port is in use, dep...



Is there a way to label the names of the thermocouples?

Not in the current release of the software. This is an often asked for feature, and we are working to include it as soon as possible. Check our website for software updates.



I just recently purchased a data logger with an RTD probe. Does the probe detect temperature along the whole length of the probe?

No. Only the tip of the probe, where the RTD element is located, is temperature sensitive. See the RTD introduction page at the Omega Engineering web site to learn more:

Tags: rtd probe "rtd probe"


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