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Thermocouple Probe Temperature Detection

I recently purchased a data logger with a thermocouple probe. Does the probe detect temperature along the whole length of the probe? No. The thermocouple probe effectively measures the temperatu...

Tags: length probe temperature thermocouple


RTD Data Logger Displaying -200 Readings

I have an RTD data logger, when I real time record the display value is the correct temperature. If I try to start the device, after I download the data I get -200 for all logged readings. If yo...

Tags: probes rtd temperature


Permanently Marking a Serial Number

I would like to mark my data logger permanently with serial number and ID. How would you suggest doing this? The data logger has an electronic serial number and a programmable device ID accessib...

Tags: serial number


PRTemp1000 in 0 to 10 PSIG Range

Is the PRTemp1000 data logger available in a 0-10 PSIG range? Although the PRTemp1000 data logger is not generally available in ranges other than those listed on the specifications, certain othe...

Tags: prtemp1000


Installing a Firmware Upgrade

How do I install a data logger firmware upgrade? In order to run the firmware upgrade for a MadgeTech data logger you will need to be sure the data logger has a good battery, and that you have...

Tags: firmware


Creating/Applying Engineering Units

How do I create and Apply Engineering Units? MadgeTech has released a new video that guides viewers through setting up and applying Engineering Units. View Video

Tags: engineering units event101a process101a pulse101a smr110 volt101a wind101a


Activating Multiple Start Stop Mode

Multiple Start/Stop Mode Activation To Start the Data Logger:Press and hold the pushbutton for 5 seconds, the green LED will flash during this time. The data logger has started logging.To Stop t...

Tags: 101a series


How do I Connect the ETR101A to an Exhaust Pipe?

Connecting the ETR101A Data Logger to an Exhaust Pipe: Additional Materials Needed for installing the ETR101A:- 68 x 4 x 4 weatherhead- 1/4” NPT Coupler Weld the Coupler into the exhaust p...

Tags: etr101a temperature


Can you measure the pH of Pyrite/Iron Sulfide (which is a powder)?

Can you measure the pH of Pyrite/Iron Sulfide (which is a powder)? Powder of ANY chemical does not have pH. Only water has measurable pH. If it is possible to dissolve the powder in water, the p...

Tags: ph


TC101A/ETR101A not communicating after the firmware upgrade

I have a TC101A/ETR101A data logger and I just did the trigger setting firmware upgrade but now I cannot communicate with my data logger. If you just performed the ETR101A or TC101A firmware upg...

Tags: etr101a firmware tc101a temperature


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