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Thermocouple Probe Temperature Detection

I recently purchased a data logger with a thermocouple probe. Does the probe detect temperature along the whole length of the probe? No. The thermocouple probe effectively measures the temperatu...

Tags: length probe temperature thermocouple


RTD Data Logger Displaying -200 Readings

I have an RTD data logger, when I real time record the display value is the correct temperature. If I try to start the device, after I download the data I get -200 for all logged readings. If yo...

Tags: probes rtd temperature


Permanently Marking a Serial Number

I would like to mark my data logger permanently with serial number and ID. How would you suggest doing this? The data logger has an electronic serial number and a programmable device ID accessib...

Tags: serial number


PRTemp1000 in 0 to 10 PSIG Range

Is the PRTemp1000 data logger available in a 0-10 PSIG range? Although the PRTemp1000 data logger is not generally available in ranges other than those listed on the specifications, certain othe...

Tags: prtemp1000


Recovering Calibration Parameters

I have inadvertently overwritten my data logger's calibration parameters. What do I do? For calibration parameter recovery, contact MadgeTech at MadgeTech will search you...

Tags: calibration


Installing a Firmware Upgrade

How do I install a data logger firmware upgrade? In order to run the firmware upgrade for a MadgeTech data logger you will need to be sure the data logger has a good battery, and that you have...

Tags: firmware


Creating/Applying Engineering Units

How do I create and Apply Engineering Units? MadgeTech has released a new video that guides viewers through setting up and applying Engineering Units. View Video

Tags: engineering units event101a process101a pulse101a smr110 volt101a wind101a


What's the Function of the LEDs on the 101A Series?

What do the LEDs on the 101A series data loggers do? The green LED blinks every 10 seconds to indication that the data logger is logging, and every 15 seconds to display that the device is in de...

Tags: 101a series


How do I Download Data?

How do I download data from my data logger? To Download Data:- Connect the data logger to the interface cable.- Click the Device Menu then Read Device Data. This will offload all recorded data o...

Tags: getting started


Activating Multiple Start Stop Mode

Multiple Start/Stop Mode Activation To Start the Data Logger:Press and hold the pushbutton for 5 seconds, the green LED will flash during this time. The data logger has started logging.To Stop t...

Tags: 101a series


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