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Data Logger Calibration

Periodic calibration of a data logger increases measurement confidence by comparing a measurement device to a traceable standard. Proper periodic calibration ensures the accuracy of a data logger throughout its life.


Why Calibrate?

All physical sensors become less accurate due to the environment, usage, stress, and even time. The degree to which these changes occur varies from device to device. For example, a voltage device will drift very little over the years whereas a humidity sensor can drift significantly in several weeks if subjected to a corrosive environment.

Calibration Certificates

The calibration certificates are generated at the end of the manufacturing process. Each certificate indicates the date and conditions of calibration. These certificates provide the documentation needed to satisfy most requirements, certifying that a product has been properly calibrated. To obtain a calibration certificate, simply  call (603) 456-2011 or e-mail Tech Support .

Calibration Services

MadgeTech’s calibration laboratory offers a variety of standard and customized calibration services. The scope of MadgeTech’s services covers the following parameters temperature, humidity, pressure, voltage, current, shock and more.

Standard calibration values and pricing can be found on the Product Information Card for each data logger. The Product Information Card can be found on the website page for that product. The standard calibration is normally a one or two point correction of the reported values, depending on the type of device being calibrated. Additional or nonstandard points incur an additional fee.

For more information on specific pricing of your data logger type or volume discounts for calibration certificates call (603) 456-2011 or email

Calibration Certificates

MadgeTech offers the following parameters for calibration certificates: temperature, relative humidity, pressure, current, pH, bridge/strain, voltage and shock.

A Certificate of Conformance is offered for the following non-calibrated data loggers Pulse, Event and State. For details on our calibration program, please contact the Tech Support.

NVLAP (ISO/IEC 17025) Accredited Calibrations

MadgeTech utilizes sub-contractors that are accredited by NVLAP in the field of calibration. The National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) tests against the highest standards for ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accreditation. If an accredited calibration is required, please contact a sales representative for details on the capabilities available and pricing. Note: This certification must be requested prior to sending the device in for recalibration.

Requesting Calibration Services

To send data loggers to MadgeTech for Calibration Services, please use our online RMA process. To create an RMA please sign in or create an account if this is your first visit. Follow the on screen instructions to generate a new RMA request. You will need to record your RMA number and the MadgeTech mailing address to send your devices in for calibration. Once your items arrive at MadgeTech, you will be contacted with a quote if requested. No work will be performed without confirmation. If you need assistance, simply  call (603) 456-2011 or e-mail Tech Support .